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Love, Laughter and Limericks!


Whilst not as a general rule

In Spain he behaved like a fool.

He tried for a kiss

From a sexy young miss

And ended up thrown in the pool ... Charlie!


Her name has the meaning of honey

And her singing was right on the money

She sings Mozart with beauty

With a voice clear and fruity

But has not yet sung songs that are funny... Mel!


She is usually fitter and lither,

And is currently not so slim either

As a man she did sing

And a virginal thing

But it’s perfectly clear she is neither... Rachael!


As well as being sexy and sultury 

Her teaching is classy and cultury,

She taught us to sing

Like birds on the wing

That’s songbirds of course and not vultury ... Pippa! 


On stage it is me she beguiles,

You can hear her for miles and for miles,

Her voice is so full

When she’s on the pull

And she must have the loudest of smiles ... Helen!


She throws herself into her part

With gusto as well as with heart

She sings and she prances

She jumps and she dances

And acts like a lady or tart ... Cathy!


His singing is silky and smooth

And gets himself into the groove

He struts round the stage

Like a beast in a cage

The harshest of hearts he could sooth ... Robin!


This girl you might think a bit nutty

In her hands I am truly like putty

You will be quite amazed

That she’s not the least fazed

When she’s asked to act smutty or slutty ... Hazel!


I admit I have seen him when mooning

And his voice is much better than crooning

And although some might say

I’ll deny it all day

That we spent our siesta by spooning ... Andrew!


Her name is not spelt as it’s said

You can tell by her voice she’s well bred 

If you need one more clue

To discover who’s who

Her feet are quite close to her head ... Sian!


Her voice is so clear and so pure

Without doubt many men she will lure

Were I forty years younger

I’d still have that hunger

And be making a play to be sure ... Olivia!


Her fingers fly over the keys

With incredible skill, and with ease,

She swears like two troopers

But covers our bloopers

And she is always so eager to please ... Lesley-Anne!


You would notice she had a false start

But she gave us her song with such heart

That a man in the crowd 

Started blubbing out loud

The song hit its mark like a dart ... Averil!


Although she was not with us long

She delighted us all with her song

When she sang to the moon

It made us all swoon

But her wobbly legs felt all wrong ... Lucy!


Both she and her friends arrived later

Then she sang a sad song to her pater

Her song, from the start,

Truly softened his heart

And his lightening mood did elate her ... Katie!


She sang her main song with a fury

But was late cos she sat on a jury

She gave us a thrill

When the space she did fill

With her high notes and coloratury ... Jenny! 


You would quite understand should you see her

That to every man’s heart she’d bring cheer

And not just their hearts

But a few other parts.

I am talking of course of Lucia ...

On a weekend away with no Mrs.

And missing her tend'rest of Krs

He wrote verses, whist parted

Knowing not what he’d started

And now, with his friends, remiNrs... Charlie!

...and from Louise 

You wonderful singers of songs

Who departed for Spain in a throng

So what’s app reports

your gowns were quite gorg 

and you still found time to send me thoughts

...and from Averil

Our Salon had yet one more outing

The audience “Hooray!” all were shouting

When the tenor went “Splash!”

He cut such a dash!

Of his talents there could be no doubting.

...and from Cathy

He clearly is master of words,

His Limericks fly out just like Birds,

When choosing his Gal,

Or his Guy or his Pal,

Then Libel and suchlike's absurd(s)! ... Charlie!

...and from Sian

A singer who imbibed Tintorino.

Became a singing supremo.

While warbling intensely, 

They impressed us immensely, 

With more Fizz than San Pellegrino!



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