Motivational daily online warm-ups - open to all!

When we first 'locked down' in March, Pippa thought it might be helpful to offer the group some 'warm-ups' during the week. They were very successful and so in September she decided that they should be ongoing.

The warm-ups take place at 9.30 to 9.45am every weekday morning and are held on Zoom. They are intended as a basic and gentle vocal warm up, which will then allow you to continue with whatever work you might be doing with your teacher. They are not intended to replace a singing lesson, but to keep your voice healthy and ready to go! You will be muted while doing the excersises but have plenty of opportunity to engage with Pippa.

To join, please contact Pip on

Pippa giving a Masterclass in Moscow  - in the Music Room of the home of the great Russian Bass, Feodor Chaliapin

1873 - 1938 


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